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Confidence Quotes & Graphics


I ღ my Family and Friends
I ღ Peter Facinelli
I ღ Fastlane
I ღ Russell Michael
I ღ Music and Movies
I ღ smiling/laughing
I ღ Thunderstorms
I ღ Coffee
I ღ sunrises
I ღ how the air smells after a warm summer rain
... to be continued

★ Be nice to people on your way up because you meet them on your way down



@peterfacinelli talks about Carlisle’s ideology, vampire contacts and the possible confrontation with the Volturi in an interview with Empire Magazine.

Life Of A Vintage Chick...: Help trend something on Twitter for Peter on Nov 26th


I want to celebrate Peter F’s birthday on Nov 26th and I think the best way we could do this is by getting a trend for him worldwide on that date.

If anyone has any ideas on what we could trend, please reply below or drop me a line in my ask box. Hell you can tweet me @BabyBint23 if you wish.


Speaking of Twilight…


It’s hard for me to get into it for a few reasons, mainly whenever I see him:

Jacob Black

My mind shows me this:


and when I see him:

Carlisle Cullen

my mind shows me this:


And I wonder where they his Deaq and Billie! :P

Calling for Peter fans!


I want to ask a little help from you. :)

Here’s this site:

This is the Hungarian Cosmopolitan’s site, and if you scroll down a little, on the left side you will find a poll, and the question says: “Ki a kedvenc pasid a Twilight-ból?” [it means “Who is your favourite guy from Twilight?”].

Please vote for Peter and also spread this message to help him!


Another fantastic Pellan situation.

“If you had gotten the role of Edward, how would you have played it differently?”